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Coffee House in the 17th Century

Coffee Beans and the New World...


By the 1700's Europeans are consuming 500,000 lbs. of Coffee.. in one hundred years their consumption has doubled.. The  French became very eager to expand their trade and it was up to a young French lieutenant to seize this opportunity by charming a royal a result of this love affair..he was given a solely plant..he then embarks on a voyage across the new oceans nurturing and protecting it from any mishaps along the way..he had to overcome pirate ships..fellow shipmates who did not want to allow him to accomplish his deed. He finally arrives to the island of Martinique in the new world.. It is said that mostly all the coffee plants that originally populated Latin America came from that single Coffee tree arriving from France.. But just as the desire for coffee stimulated the desire of reason and as well imposed colonialism within the new territories. The French as did many other European countries.. established productions of Coffee and other goods within these new lands by subjecting human beings brought into slavery from Africa.. Once these coffee plants populated the island of Martinique..they began to be spread around other French colonies..finally arriving to what is known today as 1790 half of the Coffee produced in the world came from that island alone.. Due to the poor conditions and treatment given to the slaves in 1791 they revolted burning all the Coffee and Sugar Cane plantations along their a result of this Haiti became and is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The revolution in Haiti lasted 12 years and not even Napoleon who sent his troops over was able to detain the fury of the was known as the most important slave uprising in the New World.. Ironically two years before the French Revolution arises from within the French Coffee Houses against inequality and mistreatment.. the same thing occurred in the Americas ...slaves uprising against abuse and social injustice.. Wherever Coffee was introduced brought Revolution and change..the bean that had given so much pleasure and opportunities to Europe..sarcastically brought immense pain to the African continent from which it originated from and to the the New World were it was heading towards..