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Coffee Tour at Hacienda Venecia Coffee Farm in Manizales, Calas, Colombia

Tourism and Specialty Coffee.. The future of Coffee..


It is known that the Specialty Coffee industry only supplies 2% of the coffee production of the world. Millions of people enjoy, are passionate and could not live without their daily cup of joe, yet they know so little about it's origin, how difficult it is to get a cup of the magical elixir on your table. Millions of people depend on coffee to be able to function yet don't seem to understand that a pound of Specialty Coffee is more expensive, because not only it is giving you a higher quality of beans, but in the process is paying fairly to those farmers that give their best efforts to obtain their finest crops. Involving tourism with these attempts can provide a better understanding of all these processes, it can help generate the much needed sustainability and education that will guarantee that the future coffee grower generations will be there to provide us with the best beverages in the world. Initiatives like the ones being designed by La Palma y El Tucan Hotel is enabling visitors to enjoy and understand all that it entails to produce a high quality cup of coffee, it allows you to wake up surrounded by all the splendor and magic that encircles a coffee plantation, it will change your perspective about this fascinating world. The Koffea Bean Experience has been designing tour packages that will take you to origin so you can learn and live first hand about the marvelous world of Specialty Coffee. Come join us, be involved with this fabulous world and help us in the process spread the word as of why everyone should drink Specialty Coffee...