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Coffee pickers at Finca La Karol in Bruselas, Huila 2017

New Certificate created by World Coffee Research for guaranteeing coffee quality..


According to Hanna Neuschwander Communications Director of World Coffee Research, "a new certification has been put into place and is pursuing and implementing a science based quality control and assurance for coffee nurseries to ensure the health and genetic purity of coffee plants sold to farmers and major renovation programs". This measure can help ensure the producers that the actual seeds they purchase can perform to the variety standard. This program was chosen by Conservation International to test and verify the health and genetics of rust resistant coffee trees provided by Starbucks to farmers in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador as part of the company's "One tree per bag" program. Seed farms and nurseries certified to the WCR Verified program are listed on an online directory tied to the WCR's varieties catalog. The catalog currently features 38 cultivated in Central America, will expand to Africa in 2018 and the rest of the world thereafter. This is the first time a global directory of varieties. **Based on the article "New Certification Addresses Coffee Where it Begins " by Hanna Neuschwander of World Coffee Research