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Swiss Water Coffee is leading decaffeination processes within the Specialty Coffee industry...

Millennials and Decaf Coffee


Death before Decaf!! .. this has seemed to be the overall opinion within the Specialty Coffee World for quite a long time now, but apparently the tendencies within have begun to become more lenient, open, more understanding. Since the beginning of its conception decaffeinated coffee has been seen as an older coffee drinkers choice. Coffee drinking habits are changing though, particularly amongst the younger consumers. Companies in the decaffeinated segment of the coffee industry have been noticing these changes and are more in the lookout of what matters to the Millennial generation. Currently there are 1.8 billion of them globally, and by now the majority are well established, married and are driving the economy. The Natural Energy Products Industry has seen a huge growth in its production and in the process are seeing how consumers are shifting towards them. Particularly in the consumption of Cold Brew beverages which has 2.5 times more caffeine than the normally brewed coffee. Decaf consumption is becoming more of a norm as more and more young consumers are more aware of how important is to limit their caffeine consumption at certain times of the day. An important factor in the growing decaf scene amongst the millenials is that getting coffee.. going to the Specialty Coffee Shop is an activity, a place where to socialize, unwind, disconnect, work and many times they do not find the beverage options to meet those needs. Companies such as Starbucks have been introducing Wine and Craft Beers to their menus in order to keep their customers within their establishments at later hours, but roasters prefer to keep their customers on coffee instead of losing them to other beverages. Manufacturers are focusing more on enhancing the processes of decaffeination, to reduce variations within origin and ensure consistently high cup quality. The bottom line is that the Coffee industry continues adapting to the new tendencies of consumption.. it continues pursuing the best methods, the best quality of products, simply the best cup of brew!