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Coffee pickers weighing coffee cherries at the end of their work day

Laying the Groundwork for the living conditions of Coffee Growers


This was the title of one of the lectures on the past SCA's Global Specialty Coffee Fair held in the city of Seattle,Washington, USA. on April 2018.
The main key points of the lecture were :
●Price per lb. of Green Coffee Beans is US$1.20 in origin.
●Price per lb. of Roasted Coffee Beans in the USA is US$16.00
●Fair Trade Organization is pursuing $2.75/lb.
●It will be nearly impossible to offer living incomes and genuine economic prosperity to Specialty Coffee farmers by focusing on production costs and commodity pricing.
●We need better conversations and better pricing benchmarks. 
●Best practices for transparency reporting. 
●Connecting better prices for farmers, farms and communities. 
●Best practices for engaging customers. 
●Share recent data from actual Specialty Coffee transactions. 
● Better wages for farmers considering the value Coffee Growers are providing (Production,  Nature Conservation, etc.)
In this multi billion dollar industry the ones who are making the least amount of money, are the ones who work the most, and yet their important job is not being valued and supported as such. 
Currently the average age of a coffee farm worker oscillates between 55-65 years of age. Young farm children with all the technology at their fingertips are reluctant to follow their parents footsteps and struggles. 
They are migrating to the cities in pursuit of a "better "quality of life. If this continues happening,  who will continue the titanic work that entails to grow a coffee bean? What is going to happen to the Coffee Industry?
We as consumers can make a big difference by drinking Specialty Coffee for it is providing better opportunities to the third world producers. 
We can ask our local Specialty Coffee shop owners,  roasters and baristas, what are their Sustainability policies and practices towards the coffee communities they are purchasing from.
The time has come for us as consumers to start giving our support, money and help achieve the consolidation of a truly fair exchange between coffee producers and buyers.
With climate changes and the lack of younger generations being interested in pursuing the coffee growing industry, the clock is ticking for our beloved java..
I guess the real question would be , Will we be able to survive in a world without good coffee?